How can HILLTOP Early Childhood SERVICES help you and your program?

Our consulting services can be as short as a few hours, or, as has happened with more than one client, repeat projects have lead to ongoing every week, month, or other intervals for years. If you want to improve the quality of your program, or if you have received less than wonderful evaluations from funders or licensing/regulatory agencies and need to improve one or more aspects of your program, we can help you. Starting a new program or thinking of it?  We have helped programs get off the ground in solid fashion and have helped others to see that their plans were not realistic for their  site, budget, neighborhood, etc., saving them much time money in the long run. Consulting projects have included site, program, and people issues, often in combination.
  • Use or change of use of classroom and other space to meet changing programming needs and/or licensing or regulations
  • design of new facilities to make sure they meet all program needs including how many and where to place classrooms, bathrooms, etc.,
  • making sure they meet all codes (meeting with clients, architects, licensing agencies (all together and separately),
  •  relation and adjustments to  budgets and changed use of space,  playground, access, and more.
  • Program: curriculum, materials, schedules, licensing and other compliance/regulatory issues and funding issues, relationships with community and related agencies, especially Early Head Start/Child Care Partnerships, helping to achieve accreditation, and more.
    People: governance (including boards), personnel issues, all dimensions of adult/adult, adult/child, child/child relationships, relationships with and inclusion of families

The earlier you bring us into your plans, the more you save – most of the time, far more than the cost of our services.