Our largest source of new clients is referrals from satisfied clients. We hope you will be among that group.

What PD/Training does HILLTOP Early Childhood SERVICES offer?

PYRAMID MODEL - Helping Children's Social/Emotional Development

Infant/Toddler, Preschool and Family Child Care Modules
Parenting POS seminar series
Positive Based Coaching is available for all modules


Assessment and all areas


New York State OCFS mandated training.  Of the 30 hours, 7 1/2 are free online.  We provide the remaining 22 1/2 hours of training in 3 full days or in more short sessions as needed by your program.

Who can/has been helped by HILLTOP Early Childhood SERVICES?


Center directors and owners
Directors of groups of centers
Agency adiministrators
Board members
Teachers and Assistants
Owners of small businesses
Consultants in any field
Attorneys and Judges as expert witness


Early Head Start/Child Care Partnerships
Nursery Schools
Infant-Toddler – Preschool and Primary Grade Programs
Day Care/Child Care Centers
Head Start Centers
Pre-Kindergarten Programs
Elementary Schools

How can HILLTOP Early Childhood SERVICES help YOU/YOUR AGENCY?

All of our work is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. Even our most popular workshops are tweaked for each client, so they are NEVER the same.

How do we deliver our services?

  • at your site, on a regular schedule
  • a mixture of on-site and phone and/or email
  • a visit to assess the needs followed by phone/emails and maybe another visit or two
  • totally by phone and/or email



HILLTOP’s work is based on knowledge and respect.  You expect both from us and the work we do incudes respect for the staff, children, and families receiving services from your program.  Our work is thoroughly grounded in research and knowledge of child development and is culturally sensitive.  Research shows that play-based child-centered approaches that use ongoing assessment are most effective.  We weave social/emotional development into all areas of our work.  We can help you implement these approaches.


Ellen Jaffe Cogan, our lead consultant, has presented at local, state, regional, and national conferences since 2002, as well as having been speaker and leader at multi-day retreats.  Her presentations have included local and state branches of NAEYC, national NAEYC and NAEYC’s PDI, NACCP, regional and national Head Start Associations and more.  


Notice, we don’t solve your problems.  We look at the strengths and resources and recommend realistic solutions that may work in your setting, for your unique needs.  HILLTOP Early Childhood SERVICES helps each client become more effective than they had believed they could be.  This is why most of our clients have called us back again to help them with other problems.  Some clients have used several of our services over the years, as they have funds.  One client has been using our services every few years since 2002!   Let us help you!