Lilian Katz

One of the giants of the ECE field. It’s been such an honor to learn from her, and read her articles and books. After I became a consultant, I was so hooked on The Project Approach that I nearly went back to the classroom. But I got to teach graduate students to do it!!

Ella Jenkins

You Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song… Lots of call and response songs, dubbed the First Lady of Children’s Folk Songs, she still performs and still entrances.

Ellen, Karen Nemeth, Fran Simon

We are all members of NAEYC’s Early Childhood Consultants and Authors Forum. Check out Karen’s Language Castle and Fran’s Early Childhood Consultant’s Directory.

2 Ellens – Ellen Galinsky and Ellen Cogan

Ellen Galinsky wrote the book I recommend to the most people: Mind in the Making. She’e done so much, and she’s always doing more for young children and their families.

Sylvia Chard, Ellen, Lilian Katz, Diane T Dodge

This is probably one of the most wizardly pictures. If you are reading this, you know who they are. Nuff said. And yes, the 3 of them knew I was in the picture with them.

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld w/Ellen

A true treasure. 2 Grandmas who have fun at conferences together. She does wonderful music workshops.

Kresha Warnock and Laura Mason Zeisler

Two wonderful ECE folks I’m honored to know. Kresha invited me to be a featured speaker at the Indiana AEYC conference a few years back. What a great time we all had!

Lisa Murphy w/Ellen – 2 Wizards

Lisa is the Ooey Gooey lady – get her books, go to her workshops. She’s not only a wizard, she’s the Road Warrior Princess. Years ago, she taught me it’s easier to ask forgiveness than for permission. If you have an educationally sound reason for doing something, just do it!

Alice Sterling Honig w/Ellen

Another giant in the ECE world. So many great workshops, so many great articles, and such a gentle soul. She’s especially known for attachment – way before it became newly popular. It’s an honor to be her friend.

Nancy Pennington Alexander w/Ellen

I’m her certified groupie! If she got a dollar for every time I used her book Early Childhood Workshops That Work, she’d be rich enough not to have had to write the next one, Nailing Jelly to the Wall.

Ellen, Jenna Bilmes, David Heath

We’re with Jenna’s newest book that was published by David’s company, Redleaf Press, publishers of some of the most wizardly ECE books out there.

Ellen w/Rae Pica

She’s branched out from music to all sorts of wonderful ECE blogs, webinars, etc. Check her out.

Holly Elissa Bruno w/Ellen

Attorney, author, presenter, friend and happy wizard.

Bisa Lewis w/Ellen

Have gone to some of her workshops. If you get a chance, go see her!

Thomas Moore w/Ellen

And notice- he’s not wearing a purple shirt! Such a wonderful musician, ECE person, and more important, friend.

Thomas Moore, Ella Jenkins, Mimi Chenfeld

3 Wizards of Music – Wonderful people, great friends, and see? Thomas is wearing his signature purple shirt in this pic!

Ellen w/ Maurice Sykes

One of the great, kind ECE folks from the Washington, DC area, always teaching, always helping. We always say we’re going to work on something together. You never know.

Suzanne Gellens w/Ellen

Attended some of her great workshops and learned a lot from another wizard.

Judy Helm

One of the authors of The Project Approach. I have a picture of the 2 of us together, but this one’s newer so she gets her own picture.

Tamar Jacobson w/Ellen

Internationally known author and NAEYC Consulting Panel Editor, another honor to be with her at a conference.

Ellen w/Valora Washington

CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition, author, wonderful speaker. Happy to know her.

Carol Copple, Sue Bredeekamp, Ellen

Authors of NAEYC’s Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, known as DAP, they are still at writing, editing, and being ECE greats!

Sherrie Ruddick

A Head Start and Early Head Start expert, an author of Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos and for Family Child Care, great presenter, and wonderful shopper. 🙂

Ellen w/Cate Heroman

One of the authors of Creative Curriculum, now writing about STEM, Cate volunteers at the Knock Knock Children’s Museum and offers webinars. If you can see her in person, go!

Steve, Ellen, Greg

Nearly every ECE person knows the music of Greg and Steve, the Grammy nominated recording duo. Here we are at another wizardly conference.

Steve Spangler w/Ellen

He’s got wonderful science stuff. I always visit his area and always come home with stuff for grandkids, neighbors, etc.

Bradley Smith w/Ellen

Bradley and I go way back to our NACCP days when we helped at each other’s workshops. He does some great CDA training and puts out other good training materials. I bought some for one of my clients not too long ago.

Ellen w/ Bob McGrath

It was such a treat to meet Bob, one of the originals from Sesame Street, still supporting quality for young children.

Theadora (Ted) de Soysa

Founder of a school for special ed preschoolers, she hired me to work with her several years ago. And she referred me to others after that. Lovely ECE person.

Peter Yarrow w/Ellen

Yes, this is Peter from Peter, Paul, & Mary, signing my Puff the Magic Dragon book at an ECE conference. I carefully read about the recent Me Too reports of 50 years ago and I decided to include this picture.

Harriet Isecke w/Ellen

Harriet and Ellen are holding her big book at a NAEYC conference.

Frederica McLean w/Ellen

At the NYS Pyramid Model Advanced Training Forum, Latham, NY

Cindy Rzasa-Bess w/Ellen

Author of The View from the Little Chair in the Corner, psychologist and ECE friend.

Ke’Shon Mac-Brown w/Ellen

Learning at the NYS Master Cadre Advanced Training

3 IPs and a Fiscal Consultant – Panel at RIVHSA

Top – Ellen (IP), Billy Starr (FC)

Lower, IPs Robin Jones and Audrey Battle

“Implementation Planning for Early Head Start/Child Care Partnerships”, Atlanta

Positive Solutions for Families group

POS – Head Start, Rockland, NY

Pyramid Model Positive Solutions for Families (POS) group – series of 6 sessions, this one is session 4. The group presented me with the basket of fruit and card for Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful to be able to do this work and to know these great folks!

Dorthea and Ellen

Dorthea and Ellen

Dorthea King-Simpson and I were learning at the Master Cadre Advanced Training in Latham, NY



Dr. Calvin Moore w/Ellen

Dr. Calvin Moore, Jr. w/Ellen

Dr. Moore, Program Manager for Head Start Region IV, Atlanta offered a very interesting workshop 

Ellen w/Calithea Steward

Ellen w/Calithea Steward at RIVHSA

Went to a dynamic workshop by Christina Parker and Calithea Steward at the Atlanta Conference

Mary Hayes

Early Childhood Educator, worked with Quality New York for many years.

Rick Ellis w/Ellen

Rick Ellis w/Ellen

Keynote and breakout session, Fall Conference, Westchester AEYC and Child Care Council of Westchester – lots of learning with laughs!

Elle w/Hugh Hanley

Yet another ECE music friend!

Barbara Kasavana w/Gary King

New York ECE folks. Barbara and I go WAY back, helping each other along the way. Can’t believe in all these years we only presented together once.

with Andrea Alexander and friends

Fun Science is what they call their company, and the name fits! When you see them, you will come home with stuff, for sure.