HILLTOP EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICES helps administration teams, individual agencies and administrators

Management/Relationships for Early Childhood Administrators

  • Board – Employees (From Administration to everyone else)
  • Administration – Staff
  • Helping staff members transition to working with children of a different age – older to younger, younger to older
  • Staff – Staff
  • Administration – Families – Community
  • Staff – Families – Community
  • Inter and Intra Agency Relationships within larger agencies

Program Design and Management

  • Space and facilities
  • Staffing – ratios, subs, qualifications and more
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Licensing, compliance, and/or accreditation
  • Early Childhood management within a larger agency 
  • Fiscal procedures 
  • Grant funding/management
  • Food – all related issues

Record Keeping

  • Program level – licenses, inspections, etc.
  • Staff related records
  • Children related records
  • Fiscal
  • What is computerized? What is not, and why?

A non-profit business is still a business!

  • Business terms for non-profit early childhood programs
  • If you haven’t started yet, what are the pros and cons of becoming for or not for profit?