Workshops and Professional Development/Training sessions on Curriculum

Intentional Curriculum means thinking about everything children do and see:  ALL CUURRICULUM SESSIONS ARE INQUIRY BASED AND PLAY BASED!

  • All classroom areas
  • Through every time period of the day
  • Classroom environment
  • Social environment
  • How what we offer is suited to each child
  • Assessment systems’ relation to curriculum

Understanding an Inquiry-Based Curriculum – how it is effective for children and staff and how to “do” it with play

  • Helping staff give up “control” and enjoy children’s learning
  • Sharing positive results
  • Making changes slowly
  • Tying assessments to curriculum

Sessions on these curriculum areas and more:

  • Literacy – components, learning language, story time, and more
  • Math – components, integrating math into every area, materials, activities
    Science – making the “discovery” area work for children and staff – science for infants and toddlers (NO – we don’t TEACH it!)
  • Arts – ages and stages, materials, what not to say to children
  • Health and nutrition – family style, nutritious, culturally appropriate foods and snacks