Is your child excited about going back after having been away from the program for a long time? Is the child somewhat fearful? Is the child wondering if the people will remember her, if her friends will be there, if her teacher/s will be the same, if they will still like her? All of these may or may not be going around in the child’s head. The best way to know is to ask. Let’s think about going back to the program. Do you wonder about anything? You will probably NOT know the answers to most of the questions. This is okay. Just say I don’t know. What can we do to find out? Maybe you can ask some of the questions before the starting day. Maybe not, and maybe you will all just have to find out. As long as you approach it as an adventure, your child will get some reassurance from your attitude. Just be careful not to tell the child that everything will be wonderful. Maybe it will, but if it isn’t, you can create trust issues.