Who ever thought that there were so many decisions to make when making a new website? First, you need a domain name.  Fortunately, that part was done.  I’ve had this domain name since early 2000. 

Then you have to research to find a host that’s offering what you want in a website, and you want to get one that offers help that you can actually reach (this one is a big deal – note that you have to pay for this help), and don’t be too proud to use the help like crazy.

The process includes writing stuff only to have to write it all over again. There are so many new things to learn – like how to make words show in lines that don’t act like new paragraphs with too much space in between, how to add pictures – how to make them the size you want and put them where you want.  I’m still working on this one! 

Make sure you save every step as you go or you lose hours of work. Yesterday’s help session had the helper show me something to change and wonder why we couldn’t see the change. Surprise!  He forgot to click the “update” button  so it had to be done again.  

What a lot of learning! But the thing I’m learning most is to push my old brain to its limits, nearly every day. What an exercise! 

The important message is that we keep learning. Exactly what we learn isn’t as important as that we are learning.  Learn. Then learn something else.  Then learn something else.  It’s a pattern – keep it up for at least 100 more years!

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