Consulting, Part 1

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 A consultant is hired by clients to help the client improve something or some things and/or services. This is rather basic.  The ideal consultation works for all - the client (from the most senior members to the most junior members) and those who are served.  In the case of ECE programs, that would be administration, staff, families, and most importantly, children.Usually, people at the top hire consultants to help fix things that people somewhere in the middle or even lower within the agency are not doing well. Sometimes, the people who hire the consultants really don't understand why there's a problem. They may be too many levels removed from the daily situation.  Sometimes, they don't share the negative results of some evaluation with the staff.  The funding agency says hire a consultant to improve the scores, and they interview consultants.Some would-be hirers see the problem and think a few…

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What’s in a Name??

Consultants are in business to help their clients.  Program directors' main job is to maintain full enrollment while making sure the program quality is the best it can be in all respects.  Programs relate to families and children, consultants relate to clients.  No matter what we call the members of the relationship, the first part of the relationship is about connecting to the family member or client by name. Our name is an important part of our identity. If the person has an unfamiliar name, practice saying it over and over again until it’s right. And remember how to say it. Sometimes, I make little tips for myself so in between contacts, I don’t forget.My own first name is Ellen. It starts my business email address: and my main social email address starts with the letter E. While it's not the most common first name, it's a "common"…

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